Read the New Issachar Book by Barbara Stephan!

Issachar Imprints is proud to announce the release of its newest title, Return to First Love, written by Barbara Stephan!

Her book was born out of a renewed intimate love relationship with Jesus!

You can purchase this book on Amazon.

A few years ago, Barbara attended a class on prayer that helped her to begin cultivating a life-transforming relationship with Jesus in the Secret Place. She fell in love with Jesus all over again and one of the products of that renewed relationship is this fine book.

Barbara’s transparency in the book is amazing, her advice to new Christians is spot on, and the sentiments the Lord has given her to share will soften your heart and prepare you for prayer.

One of the great needs for most people is some tool that can help to quieten their minds so that they can submit their hearts to God in prayer. Barbara’s mix of prose and poetry will be used by the Lord to do just that!

 Here’s an excerpt: 

I was in the Secret Place with Him—this personal, passionate Jesus—who was now crashing into my life and sweeping me up in His love.  He awakened me to His beauty, His holiness, His absolute power and gentleness.  I began to see the same God who spoke the world into existence, who spoke to Moses and Abraham, who called the twelve—speak to me.  He was interested in me and cared about me.  I mattered to Him. He loved me.  I felt safe and secure with Him now—still in reverent awe of Him and overwhelmed by His presence and holiness but confident He enjoyed being with me.  He looked forward to our time together as much as I did.  He was my first thought when I woke up each morning and my last thought as I fell asleep each night (Page 53).

Jesuslover of my soul

Come to me and take hold of my heart

Take it apart

Apply Your scalpel and Your skill

My corruption I bid You kill

 Let me be fashioned to Your likeness

My heart like Yourssteadfasttriumphant

Ascending upward on Your holy hill

Loving our Fatherseeking only His will

 I hear Your call to come up higher

But without You I have no desire

I need You Lord to help me reach

You keep me LordI cling to Thee

 My heart is Thine and Thine alone

I humbly kneel before Your throne

To worship Youmy Holy God

And go wherever You may call

(Page 82)

Barbara Stephan is a native New Yorker who makes her home on Long Island.  She has been married to Chuck for forty-six years. They are the parents of three wonderful children: Brett, Faye, and Jackson, who is in heaven. Through her church Barbara helps facilitate two ministries: Beauty for Ashes, a post-abortion ministry, and the prison ministry.  She has known the Lord for thirty-eight years and falls more in love with Him every day.